Every time I meet someone new, they ask me what I do. And no matter how many times the same question has been asked, I struggle to answer it. At the very least, concisely.

You know how some people have "The [Something] Guy" on their bios? I'm not "The [Something] Guy." If anything, I'd be an "everything" guy. Jack of all trades, master of some.

Generalist. Polymath. Range. Call it what you want.

Some refer to this as being T-shaped or X-shaped.

A diagram that explains T-shaped people and the intersection of their cross-discipline expertise, combined with deep discipline expertise.

I don't consider myself...
...a writer, but I write.
...a developer, but I build websites and apps.
...a designer, but I design.
...a blogger, but I blog.
...a bookkeeper, but bookkeep for all my businesses.
...a marketer, but I market products and services.
...an infosec expert, but I could talk your ear off about privacy and security.

At the end of the day, I'm not a The [Something] Guy.

I'm just Hiram. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


How do you pronounce "Hiram"?

There are only 2 guidelines:

1. The H is silent.
2. The r is pronounced like the r in the name Guy Fieri, or like the t in the word items.

Notice how it's only a slight roll, with your tongue lightly hitting the roof of your mouth? Yeah, it's like that.

Why is your username @HiramFromTheChi?

Born in Chihuahua, raised in Chicago ("The Chi"). Both start with Chi, and both are home.

Why/when did you become a vegetarian?

Why: For the animals, the planet, and my/our health.

When: Sophomore year of college. 

Is it true you only call/text through Signal? Why?

Yep. When you call someone, or send them a message, it should only be received by the intended recipients—no one else.

In a world where tech companies control everything about an interaction between us, it's my way of respecting your/our privacy and rebuilding the internet.

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